Affordable Quartz Countertops Are Trending Again

Even in 2024, you can’t go wrong with a quartz countertop. As a matter of fact, quartz is the material for kitchen and bathroom countertops and has been for the past two years. Reasonably so.

Countertops are serious investments that homeowners and interior designers dwell on. Usually, there’s a general checklist for what the countertop needs to withstand:

● It must match the home’s aesthetic. This may be the most crucial factor. Even if the material is durable and affordable, its colors and textures must match the home’s interior design.
● It needs to be affordable. Factoring in the countertop’s durability and appearance, its price range should be worth the investment in the long run.
● It needs to be durable. The easier to clean and maintain, the better. Ideally, the time necessary to preserve the countertop should be as short as possible.

With this checklist in mind, here’s why quartz countertops are trending for kitchens and bathrooms in 2024.

Quartz colors and patterns can match any kitchen or bathroom you’re designing.

Quartz is aesthetically similar to marble, meaning you can mimic marble designs that work well in your kitchen or bathroom.


Well, quartz is man-made. The countertops are made by the manufacturers. They take minor quartz elements and bind them together using polymer resin and colors. This creates a wide selection of colors and patterns designers can play with, allowing them to add to trending designs or create unique ones.

For 2024, neutral colors are the Go-To for quartz countertops. Black, gray, white, beige, and brown are all colors with the potential to stand out on their own or complement the cabinets.

For instance, imagine espresso-colored cabinets with a white textured quartz countertop. Dark with a hit of brown, the espresso cabinets give the kitchen a subtle dark and bold modern appearance, especially with sleek finishes.

Quartz would beautifully compliment the darker cabinets and add brightness to the kitchen or bathroom. This quartz countertop has a subtle black splash pattern on an illuminating white background—adding texture to the kitchen’s sleek design.

That’s just one of many trending color combinations for kitchens in 2024 and an idea of how creative you can get with quartz countertops.


Have a luxurious appeal without the cost of marble.

There’s a wide price range for quartz. Usually, you’ll find them anywhere between $50-$200 per square foot.

And because it’s on the more affordable side of the scale, quartz provides the financial opportunity to have the kitchen and bathroom’s design match. Many interior designers like applying the kitchen’s style to the bathroom. By doing so, they create a beautiful flow throughout the home, all within budget.

And because quartz offers a more affordable luxurious look, you can even use this material as a backsplash and ditch tile altogether.

Your quartz countertop will last a lifetime.


Durability is the keyword when discussing choosing quartz for your countertop.

Quartz is one of the earth’s toughest minerals. And because the slabs are bonded with polymer resins, it results in solid and durable countertops that’ll need heavy forces or extreme weather to crack.

Thanks to its strong binding, a quartz countertop is also nonporous—meaning it won’t soak up spills. And because it won’t soak up any liquids, a quartz countertop is less likely to stain.

This then leads us to how to maintain it: Soap. Water. Washcloth. That’s it. Many household cleaning products have abrasive and harsh chemicals that can damage the quartz’s shine or leave scratches on the surfaces.

It almost sounds too good to be true, but that’s the advantage of having a man-made material for your countertop. It’s designed to last a lifetime.


A quartz countertop checks off each item on the list.

It’s tough to compete with quartz. It’s a material that lasts practically forever with a varying price range and style to match any design. But that’s why leading into 2024, quartz is still the trending countertop for kitchens and bathrooms. So the question to ask yourself now is, will your quartz countertop complement your cabinets, or will it stand out alone?

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