How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost?

Granite Countertop Costs at a Glance

Average cost: $45-$80 per square meter ($56 CAD-$100 CAD)
Granite slab cost: $100-$200 per square meter ($125 CAD – 250 CAD)
Labor cost: $35-$85 per hour ($45 CAD – $105 CAD)
Does your old kitchen countertop look worn or worn? Granite may be the countertop upgrade you need to elevate the look of your kitchen, whether you’re looking for sleek and elegant or luxurious and modern.

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Before diving into this project, you may want to learn how much granite countertops cost and what influences prices to determine whether this option fits your kitchen renovation budget.

How Much Does Granite Cost Per Square Meter?

Granite countertops generally range from $45 to $80 per square foot ($56 CAD to $100 CAD), although some high-end and rare granite slabs can range from $100 to $200 per square meter ($125 CAD to $250 CAD).

Color is an important factor in pricing. Since granite is a natural stone, its color and pattern vary significantly from one slab to the next. Common colors, including white, gray and green, are generally cheaper at $40 to $60 per square foot ($50 CAD to $75 CAD). The prices of other colors that are not as readily available, such as blue and red, also generally correspond to how rare they are. Each plate is unique and priced accordingly based on the appeal and rarity of the colors and patterns.

How Much Does Granite Countertop Installation Cost?

Granite countertop installation labor typically ranges from $35 to $85 per hour ($45 CAD to $105 CAD). The average time required to install granite countertops is four hours, but may be less for a small, simple kitchen or much longer for a large kitchen with a complex layout. The total cost of the project depends on the price per square foot of the granite you choose, the size of your countertop space, and the complexity of the project; This may cause installation to take longer.

What is the Price Difference Between Different Grades of Granite?

Granite countertops are graded based on various factors such as color, rarity, pattern and quality. Common grades are levels one, two, and three, but some granites go as high as level five. The first level is the lowest and cheapest, and its price increases with each level. You can also see grades described by letters, starting with A at the bottom and extending to B, C, D and beyond.

Examples of pricing based on granite grades include:

Level 1: $40 to $50 per square meter ($50 Canadian to $63 Canadian)
Level 2: $50 to $60 per square foot ($63 Canadian to $75 Canadian)
Level 3: $55 to $65 per square foot ($70 Canadian to $80 Canadian)
Level 4: $65 to $75 per square foot ($80 Canadian to $95 Canadian)
Level 5: $75 to $100 ($95 to $125 Canadian) or more per square foot
Grading and pricing may vary, and the granite company you choose may only have certain grades of granite. Visit several granite countertop companies to explore your options and compare prices.

How Does the Price Compare to Quartz or Marble Countertops?

Comparing the cost of granite countertops to other materials can help you decide between several options. Granite countertops are more expensive than laminate countertops, but the price is comparable to the prices of materials such as quartz and marble.

Quartz countertops are similar to granite and the typical cost range per square foot is between $55 and $155 ($70 CAD and $195 CAD). Marble is generally higher and its price ranges from US$75 to US$250 (CAD$95 to US$315) per square metre.

The specific material you choose will ultimately determine which option is the most expensive. For example, if you choose a rare, high-quality granite slab, you may pay more than you would for a lower-quality marble countertop.

Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

Price is often a deciding factor when choosing countertop materials, but other factors can also influence your decision. Examining the pros and cons can help you decide whether you want to install granite countertops in your kitchen.


Unique look: Because granite is a natural material, every slab is different. You get a beautiful centerpiece to your kitchen that’s earthy and individual.
Durability: You’ll pay more upfront for granite countertops than some materials, but they last up to 100 years. That means it could be the last countertop you have to install.
Increased home value: Granite is a timeless material and is appealing to homebuyers. When you install it, you will likely increase your home’s value.
Easy cleaning: When properly sealed, granite countertops are relatively easy to clean. You can use granite countertop cleaner or simply use dish soap and water to clean granite.

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