The Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors in 2023

Quartz countertops come with a variety of advantages. This is a manufactured stone that comes in a nearly endless array of colors and patterns, which gives you a lot of design versatility. It doesn’t chip or crack as easily as granite, and the finish tends to be more even than solid stone, with a depth to it that can’t be replicated by natural stone slabs.

Stain-resistant and durable, quartz is the ideal countertop for busy kitchens. If you’ve been browsing quartz colors, here is a guide to the most popular quartz countertop colors in 2023, all from Silestone, Caesar stone and MSI. We’ll also help you decide how to pair different quartz colors and patterns with your cabinetry to create a beautiful, cohesive kitchen or bathroom. The right combination will help you achieve your style goals, whether you prefer elegance, comfort, modernity, or simplicity.

Q-Quartz Colors from MSI

Arctic White

As a pure white quartz, Arctic White goes with anything. Cabinets in black, white, colorful or natural wood hues look perfect with Artic White. This quartz will also make a bright, beautiful backsplash in any kitchen. The simple white design will highlight colorful accents.

Babylon Grey

Babylon Grey is a soft, cool shade of quartz that has mild patterning. This color is perfect for light-colored cabinetry, and it works very well in kitchens that feature the trendy black-and-white color scheme. The dark color will add depth to the space while allowing lighter features to shine.

Calcatta Classique

If you’d like to replicate the look of marble, then Calcatta Classique is worth a look. This stone features soft gray marbling, well suited to cabinetry in both dark and light shades and neutral enough to match any color family. It would pair well with golden or brass cabinet hardware features.

Calcatta Lago

Calcatta Lago features dark gray marbling, which means it will look stunning in kitchens that feature dark cabinetry. The white in this stone will contrast with your decor while the stone’s veins add interest to the countertops. If you’re seeking a dramatic marble-esque look, Calcatta Lago is the best choice for you.

Calcatta Laza

With hints of brown to the marbling, Calcatta Laza is a good choice for kitchens with natural wood finishes. The white base will stand out against wood furnishings while the marbling ties the color scheme together.

Calcatta Verona

This is a stone that is similar in shade to the Calcatta Classique, and as such, it goes well with bright kitchens, kitchens in black and white, and with gray color schemes. Calcatta Verona features bolder, wider patterning than Calcatta Classique, which makes it the stone of choice if you’re looking for more visual interest.

Calcatta Vicenza

This color is the ideal choice for an understated countertop to complement decor schemes in cool mid-tones, especially gray and taupe. The patterning in this stone gives it a muted hint of color. If you prefer a shade of white less stark than that of Arctic White, Calcatta Vicenza is a great choice.

Carrara Grigio

For warm-toned kitchens, Carrara Grigio will give you a bright but slightly muted look. This creamy off-white stone works best in kitchens with warm wood cabinets or kitchens in warm, off-white shades. It’s gentle on the eyes, yet light and airy for an open feel.

Carrara Marmi

Carrara Marmi features bolder patterning than either Carrara Grigio. This is a stone that will stand out against black, gray or dark brown cabinetry, and the patterning is visible enough to provide lots of visual interest.

Cascade White

This is a stone that works beautifully with white cabinetry and light cool tones. Featuring medium taupe to gray patterning, Cascade White will provide an excellent contrast against lighter decorating styles.

Chakra Beige

Chakra Beige was made to go with warm color schemes. This stone features brown and rusty hues—perfect for natural wood cabinetry and kitchens painted in rich colors.

Fossil Grey

Fossil Grey is a grey to taupe shade with even coloring throughout. Choose this quartz counter to contrast with light cabinetry or as a mid-toned backsplash against white walls. If you’re looking for a way to balance out your light-colored cabinetry, you might choose Fossil Grey.

Grey Lagoon

Grey Lagoon is the ideal choice for modern kitchens. In a soft shade of cool gray, this stone matches well with white cabinets, shades of gray and navy, and, of course, black.

Grey Lagoon Concrete Finish

The concrete finish version ofGreyLagoon matches well with a variety of colors, finishes and decorating styles—particularly industrial and modern themes.

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