Granite countertops colors have been constantly changing for kitchens and bathrooms since the 1980s. The following decades led to a major improvement in production and export processes, leading to increased global affordability and direct competition for marble.

This natural stone trumps marble when it comes to durability. It is durable, sturdy and less porous. Did we mention it’s almost prone to stains and wear? Granite is low-maintenance and easy to clean, making it suitable for areas such as busy shared kitchens and bathrooms.

We have thousands of stone types in our stores to suit every decor taste and interior style. You will encounter a wide range of granite countertop colors that can be cut to the desired shape and size. These include classic and new styles; There are even some types of stones that look exactly like marble for die-hard fans.

Are granite countertops outdated? As industry experts, we can guarantee that granite kitchen countertops will continue to be a pragmatic and popular choice, especially for bathrooms and kitchens, which are frequented and used by many people. To learn more, check out our comprehensive analysis of this year’s kitchen countertop trends, including the best granite colors for the 2023-2024 season.

In addition to our wide range of stones, you will also find rich color options for granite slabs. These include classic styles and a steady stream of new styles to choose from. If you want to stay on trend, we have all the colors you can imagine and all the popular granite colors that interior designers are currently using.

Granite Selection is with you for the best granite colors and unique prices. We also know what’s trending; Be sure to check out our analysis of this year’s trend and the best granite colors for the 2023-2024 season below!


The most popular granite countertop colors of 2023 continue to shape 2024 design trends; white granite countertop colors and black granite countertop colors complemented by neutral surfaces or warm wood cabinets and gold accessories for the brave. There are currently three main trends that stand out that can be adapted to most tastes.


Neutral tones inspired by Scandinavian minimalism are still popular. However, there is a transition from white kitchens to countertops in warmer tones, complemented by brown accents.

Neutral tones do not wear out as quickly and can be easily updated with bright decor items. Lightweight countertops make kitchens look cleaner and brighter. White, gray granite countertops offer a classic look that pairs well with any type of wood.


Honed granite provides a low-shine matte finish that is preferred over the stereotypical shine and high reflectivity associated with polished granite. It offers a softer and more natural appearance while preserving the character of natural stone. Color enhancers can be added to honed stone for added depth and richness.

This granite effect is available in satin, velvet diamond and smooth matte finishes. To achieve this look, manufacturers stop the finishing process before the stone surface becomes shiny, leaving a matte or satin appearance. It looks different on each stone sample, but reveals natural patterns by providing a consistently smooth appearance.


Although pure white granite kitchen countertops are still trending, there is a movement towards veining and patterns. Stones with natural character are more attractive to today’s eyes than the empty kitchen countertops of the past. Most granite countertops are filled with rich, naturally shaped patterns that make every kitchen and bathroom surface look unique.

Some types of white granite resemble marble. They are repeatedly chosen as an alternative because they provide the same appearance but require less maintenance.

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