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Best Granite Countertops Richmond VA has to offer from AlphaStone. Our Design Consultants will create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams within your budget. OUrs customers service is second to none. We’ll turn your Kitchen into the showroom you’ve always wanted!


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Our Hospitality clients include major hotels nationwide. Alpha Stone Solutions is the perfect for hotels of all sizes. If you need granite countertops Richmond VA central Virginia un and down the east or anywhere nationally we can help. We are know for great customer service, helping our clients acquire all they need, keeping within their budgets, and delivering on time.


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AlphaStone we value our craftsmanship along with our selection of Stone which offers a unique product that help ensure any contractor is able to meet their customers needs on time within budget. We have a large selection of granite, marble, onyx, sandstone, quartz  for kitchen and bathroom countertops, and vanities.

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Our variety of Stone Selections range from Granite, Marble, Onyx, Quartz and IceStone Slabs. Create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams with our custom designers where you can choose our selection of Sinks, Faucets, Cabinets, and Floor Tiles to help complete your Dream Kitchen. We also have a warranty policy that will be discussed before you purchase along with the benefits of buying a stone from AlphaStone versus other Suppliers and fabricators.

Our custom cut stones provides Longevity, durability, toughness and beauty necessary to turn a house into a home. We only use the best State of the art CNC machines that provides custom cuts measured from your home with detailed edges which will immediately attract your visitor’s attention, and exhibit a constant shine that lasts a lifetime.

We value our craftsmanship along with our selection of Stone which offers a unique product that help ensures you to have your Dream Kitchen or Bathroom.

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Once You’ve Chosen Your Stone It’s Custom Measured For Perfect Fit!

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A stone fabricator helps you choose the stone for your home improvement project. The practical design includes templating or measuring at your home. The dimensions of the installation are all custom. Based on your kitchens or bathrooms measurements we know exactly how much stone is needed. Once this is done, the type of stone, veins, shading, and color can be considered amongst the available stone company supplies. Once you select your stone we send if to our CNC Room. We have a state of the art CNC machines that are used by trained craftsman to custom cut your stone with perfect cuts and edges. Our CNC Machines occupy over 7000 square feet in our facility and capable of doing up to 3 kitchens in one time. We are turnkey solution with quick service and Quality. At Alphastone we DO NOT supply Pre-Fabricated products.

cmc milling machine


CNC (Computer Numerical Control) converts design from CAD (Computer Aided Design) software into numerical data becoming coordinates in a 3D graph which controls the CNC 3D cutter with precision and accuracy to  hundredths of an inch. The stone is cut and turned on 5 interpolated axes including the traditional X,Y, and Z axes.  This is controlled from a touch screen color monitor and joy-stick.


Cutting bulk stone

Shaping complex forms

Routing recesses

Lathing columns and pillars

Contouring materials


A Faro Arm is a CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) used to measure, image, and actualize building materials in 3D. This technological advancement enables us to measure images and compare composite structures to create high precision and accuracy digital templates.

The Faro Arm The Faro Arm at Work

Why Pick Alpha Stone for Your New Stone Countertop?

At AlphaStone we value our craftsmanship along with our selection of Stone which offers a unique product that help ensures you to have your Dream Kitchen. Our Design Consultants will find you a quality product that will make your budget and also put you in touch with our affiliates who will supply you products out of our scope with discount prices to make sure you get the Right Kitchen/Bathroom Design you want.

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